Scuba Diving

Tobacco Caye is situated right in the middle of some of the Caribbean’s best diving - right on the largest barrier reef in the Northern hemisphere. We have hundreds of dives close by and people even do shore dives from our dock since the reef is just a few yards away. We also have a few great atolls within reach such as well known Glovers Reef, Turneffe Flats and famous Light House Reef with its Blue Hole.

Our experienced dive masters will be able to find a dive that suits you like a glove and the dive shop has all the gear you need unless you want to bring your own.

Don’t forget to bring your scuba license!

We can also arrange courses for beginners and for divers that want to develop their skills. Just let us know what your interest is well in advance of your stay and we’ll prepare it all for you.

Welcome and hope to see you soon!


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Dive Packages