Fly and spin with Christian & Christian

Fly fishing guide Mambo came up from Placencia to spend four days on the water with Christian and Christian. 

The first day started out with some permit fishing, although the permit didn’t really seem to be around because of the small difference between high- and low tide caused by the northern winds. So we went down to city river to look for some tarpons. We didn’t see them there and due to some heavy rain we decided to push up to a creek north of Hopkins instead. 

We saw one as soon as we entered but according to Mambo one juvenile isn’t enough. We continued looking for about an hour and then, finally, they started to feed. We saw one, two, three and suddenly, they were all over the place. Christian1. put his fly out and on the second cast he hooked one. Fortunately, he didn’t hook it in the stone hard gill plate so after a good fight he managed to bring it in. We took a couple of photos before releasing it. 

The day went on and when we decided to go bonefish fishing at Southwater Caye we had had 15 bites. 

When reaching Southwater we immediately found a big school of decent sized bonefish. First cast, boom, Christian hooked one. Second cast, the other Christian hooked a big one of around 4-4,5lbs. When we’d made 5 casts and landed 3 bonefish the sun was going down so we decided to go back to the lodge to have a beer and some dinner. 

What an awesome first day fishing with guide Mambo!

The days went on and we hooked more bones, some jacks, snappers and Christian2. also hooked a fat tarpon. After 5 minutes of fighting it spat the hook and got away. Mambo told us that the jumper was an easy 70b fish, too bad… 

We also brought our spin gear and caught barracudas, more snappers, more jacks, mackerels and also a couple of big groupers off the deep. 

The wind was still blowing hard from the north so the permits weren’t around. But despite that the guys had a really good time and are actually planning to come back in april!

Thank you, Christian & Christian – you are very welcome back!

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