Tarpon- and crocodile fishing with Edvin Martinsson

Tarpon fishing with Edvin Martinsson in the middle of the night right outside the tip of Reef's End.

Tarpon fishing with Edvin Martinsson in the middle of the night right outside the tip of Reef’s End.

Guest Edvin Martinsson wanted to go fishing. Together with guide Eric and me we went across the channel to catch some live bait. A couple of days ago we took the boat into the mangrove. I spotted some nice tarpon in there so I was really excited when we returned. We pulled ourselves in, holding onto branches and trees. Unfortunately the tarpon were gone. We made a few casts before deciding to leave the place for some jack- and tarpon fishing next to the lodge. Before I made the last cast we saw a crocodile coming towards us. I don’t really know what I was thinking of but all of a sudden, my small surface popper landed just a couple of feet behind it. I started popping and when the lure was beside its nose it smashed it, cut it in half and went back into the mangrove. Both Eric and Edvin laughed so much I thought they would die – I was just shaking, couldn’t believe that the crocodile actually hit the popper.

After this nerve wrecking little croc-session we finally decided to go back to the lodge for some tarpon fishing. The sardines were in the live well and we were ready for some action having caught just a couple of barracudas and… a crocodile. We started by anchoring up to a small buoy, put our sardines on the hooks and let them drift with the current. The sun was going down and it didn’t take long before we all had at least one horse eye jack hooked up. We were using very light tackle and on this equipment a horse eye on 6-10pounds is lots of fun!

When the sun had gone down completely we had caught at least 10-15 horse eyes and a few nice snappers. But where was that tarpon? Edvin threw his sardine out, having almost lost hope of catching anything more since nothing had taken his sardine in 15minutes (spoiled or what?). He got a bite and set the hook but missed it. He got another bite. This time he managed to hook the fish and just a couple of seconds later a fair sized tarpon broke the surface. He fought it for 10-15 minutes before we could land it. It was a nice 25 pound fish which put up a fantastic fight on the 15-60g spinning rod.

Come visit us and catch one of your own.

//Hannes Ribbner, Reef’s End Lodge

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